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RapFix- 50Cent - Talks about issues with LLoyd Banks & Steve Stout{Interview}

As you may have noticed, over the past few years, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks have rarely been seen together, the only time I can recall was at the funeral of Chris Lighty in 2012. Now, 50 explains why he and Banks aren’t as tight as they used to be.

During a recent interview on MTV’s RapFix, 50 Cent discusses the rift between him and Lloyd Banks.

50 explains:

“I think he [Banks] wanted his independence.”

The G-Unit boss admits that he was insensitive how he spoke about Banks and Yayo in the past:

“[Yayo and Banks are] like my little brothers, so at points I say things that make them uncomfortable. There was one point where you can even say I was a bit insensitive.”

50 explained that Banks was not inspired to record music after his father died in 2006, but 50 says that he found it hard to relate to Banks’ grieving over his loss as he recalled telling his longtime friend:

“His father passed away and I was like, ‘All right, he passed away but you can’t just go home and stay home.”

50 said he believed that an artist should be able to pull themselves out of a rough patch in life as he used Kanye as an example:

“Ask Kanye, his mother passed away while his record was at a peak point. If he didn’t go on tour, he wouldn’t be the Kanye you know right now… He worked his way through that situation; the world doesn’t stop.”

While 50 did admit to being insensitive to Banks’ situation, he did suggest that there are more issues with Banks than just that:

“When one of my homeys get killed or they pass away, we don’t stop doing what we’ve been doing. Five or six people got killed when we were on the road prior to [Banks] actually behaving like that. To me, it’s an excuse.”

To add, the third member of G-Unit, Tony Yayo announced last week that he was done recording music as he posted to Instagram [@TonyYayo] that he was “done with the music industry” and that “50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same layed my life down for the unit but you live and learn.”

Watch 50′s MTV RapFix interview as he addresses the rift with Lloyd Banks below:

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In another part of the RapFix interview, 50 addresses confronting Steve Stoute earlier this month, and the history he has with Stoute that goes back to getting dropped from Columbia Records after getting shot 9-times, to Stoute telling 50 “not to sign with the white boy [Eminem].”

50 reveals what he told Steve Stoute while confronting him at Madison Square Garden during halftime of a Knicks game:

“I said, ‘That wasn’t very nice of you, Steve. To say what you said wasn’t really nice, and I think you should apologize”

He adds while laughing:

“[But] Nah, I said it a little different”

During the interview, 50 goes on to break down the history he has with Steve Stoute as he recalled Stoute telling him in a LA hotel lobby, back in 2002, right before he decided to sign with Shady:

“Don’t do the deal with the white boy.”

He added:

“At the time, Em was doing ['Purple Pills' with D12], so he’s thinking [Eminem's] a joke… Of course, I did the deal with the white boy because Em is the only one that showed interest in me. He’s my favorite white boy.”

Watch 50′s RapFix interview as he tells the story of getting dropped from Columbia to Steve Stoute telling him not to sign with Eminem below:

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