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Tony Rebel brought to court over copyright Infrindgement {News}

Singer Tony Rebel will be dragged before the Supreme Court on May 7 over copyright infringement.

Music composer Jah Wayne is suing Tony Rebel and his company Flames Production Incorporation Limited for breach of copyright in relation to the composition of the 1992 Going Home rhythm that was released by Tony Rebel under the title La La Bella.

Jah Wayne, who said he's been deprived of royalties, is claiming that he was the composer and without his authorization, Tony Rebel caused the rhythm to be broadcasted, distributed, sold and published without identifying him as the composer.

But Tony Rebel who tried to have the matter thrown out by the Supreme Court has denied the claim and is contending that he created the rhythm.

Tony Rebel is being represented by attorney Garth McBean.

When Music News contacted Mr. McBean for a comment, he expressed that he was locked in an intense meeting and was unable to comment.

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