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Flippa Mafia to Appear Befre Judge in May {News}

Self-proclaimed “Flossin King” Flippa Moggela and his brother Kemar Davis will first have to enter guilty pleas before the men get a trial date.

More than six months later, Flippa remains behind bars in a New Jersey prison on a half a million US dollars bond.

The dancehall deejay, born Andrew Davis was arrested by Us Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force in Los Angeles California on September 16 last year, and later extradited to New Jersey on October 8.   

Peter Aseltine, Spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office in New Jersey, tells Music News that the dancehall deejay is expected to go before the court on May 27 for a status conference.

Meanwhile his brother Kemar Davis who also remains in police custody is to face the court on Monday.

Peter Aseltine further explains to Music News that it may take a while before the brothers get a trial date as the men will first have to enter guilty pleas.

Flippa Moggela faces charges of cocaine distribution, money laundering, leading a drug trafficking network and conspiracy along with his brother, Kemar Davis and seven others.

Known for living a flashy lifestyle on and off stage, Flippa Moggelagained popularity for his breakthrough hit, Unfinished House in 2008. 

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