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Sizzla Pleads Guilty; Fined $1000 {HeadLines}


Sizzla Konloji pleaded guilty to using indecent language when he appeared in the Yallas R-M court today. (Feb 18 2014)

The entertainer was subsequently fined $1000 (Ja) or 10 days in jail.

The police told the court that Sizzla was at a night club in South Haven, Yallahs in January when the police turned off the sound system, as it was being operated after the approved lock off time.

The police further explained that Sizzla then turned the system back on, and uttered expletives at them.

The sound system was subsequently seized by the lawmen.

The deejay was later served with a summons to attend court when he showed up at the Yallahs Police Station the following day to retrieve the seized equipment.

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