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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL:Officer Linton cross examined by attorney Tavares-Finson about Phone Evidence {News}


Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton faced further cross-examination by defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson this afternoon.

Tavares-Finson questioned Linton whether it came to his attention that the BlackBerry phone attributed to Kartel was tampered with.

The attorney asked him if he believed it was important to investigate the matter and the witness said no.

Tavares-Finson suggested to the policeman that he failed to properly present his work to the court and verify it in an independent way because he did not go to Canada to authenticate the BB messages.

BlackBerry smartphones are developed by Canadian company BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited.

The attorney asked Linton if he thinks he should go to Canada, he replied “no”.

The lawyer then said the policemen started out well in his presentation but that he has now dropped the baton.

Lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor then objected saying it appeared that Tavares-Finson was not asking questions but was making an address to the jury.

Tavares-Finson again questioned Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton about his Facebook account as well as surfing on the Internet.

He suggested to him that he was an active computer surfer and loved to surf about people, especially his client, and that he was obsessed with him.
The witness said obsess was a strong word.

The lawyer said because of the witness’ activities in social media, he has created a bias in his evidence presented to the court.

He denied the suggestion.

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