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Taking Jamaican Dancehall to the World{Headlines}

IT’S the end of 2013. Everyone’s busy making plans for 2014. I’m sitting in office on New Year’s Eve feeling more than a tinge of excitement.

2013 was a highly productive year for my business and 2014 promises to be even more so. But this is not about Phase 3 Productions, not really.

STING, billed as the largest one day reggae show in the world, has just celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its staging. Phase 3, over 30 years as a business but coming up 30 as an incorporated company, has provided television coverage for almost all of STING’s 30 years. It is therefore hard to talk about STING and its coverage without making mention of Phase 3.

We have watched STING grow and evolve and are proud of its trajectory into moving the product beyond a local show. The offshoot of this is that this year’s coverage was no ‘walk in the park’ for Phase 3, based on the demands of the television production. At 30, STING decided to pull out all the stops and to take the show to the world via satellite.

Dancehall to the World via Satellite

Joe Bagdanovich, an enigma of a man, partnered with Isaiah Laing, creator of the indomitable STING, to go way beyond catering for the thirty thousand in attendance at Jamworld, the show’s venue.  In terms of engaging the Jamaican Diaspora and others worldwide, the plans were ambitious. Joe not only planned for pay-per-view but also had YouTube on board as well.

Two satellite dishes, 12 cameras, a sixty (60) person crew and a fully built out production compound with numerous local and international experts, did the job of covering the event and feeding the pay-per-view signals to households worldwide, whether via cable TV or the Internet,  with a reported reach of 95 million.

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