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Busy Signal Drug Case Affidavit/Complaint Document Revealed [Busy:US Citizen?] {HeadLines}

Popular dancehall/reggae artiste Busy Signal (real name – Glendale Goshia Gordon), who was arrested recently on an extradition warrant to the United States, has already waived his right to an extradition hearing, and seems set to be extradited to the U.S. to face the charge outlined in his warrant, that of absconding bail. His lawyer K.D. Knight has indicated that the arrest warrant contained no mention of any of the drug-related charges that Busy Signal had originally faced in the U.S. state of Minnesota back in 2002.

Our research indicates that Busy Signal absconded while he was out on bail and awaiting trial on the following charges: one count of Conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, 3 counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine (level 4) and a 3rd charge of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. We were also able to get our hands on the criminal complaint document which outlined the circumstances that led to Busy Signal’s arrest.

We’ve embedded the Busy Signal affidavit/criminal complaint document below (in PDF format), and here are some interesting highlights:

  • Busy Signal’s alleged co-accused, Rayon Walker, is Jamaican citizen who arrived in the U.S. on a flight from Jamaica, and was found to have approximately 1.2 kilograms cocaine in his possession. Walker agreed to cooperate with special agents, ostensibly to continue as planned with the delivery of the cocaine to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Busy Signal allegedly arrived in Minneapolis the following day on a one-way ticket from Hartford, Connecticut, and several phone calls allegedly took place between Busy Signal and Walker to arrange a meeting to pick-up the cocaine.
  • Later that day, Busy Signal allegedly meets up with Walker, takes possession of the bag containing the cocaine, and is arrested as he exits the hotel.
  • Busy Signal is indicated as a U.S. Citizen. If he is indeed a U.S. citizen, are there implications of the U.S. Government being able to level additional charges (as they see fit) when he arrives in the U.S., without worry/fear of the diplomatic fall-out that would normally occur if they were to put a Jamaican citizen on trial for a charge that he/she was not extradited for in the first place (which would be a breach of the Extradition Treaty that currently exists between the U.S. and Jamaica).
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