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I-Octane Featured In Billboard Magazine "State of Independence"{HeadLines}

I-Octane Featured In Billboard Magazine "State of Independence:15 Artists Impacting the Indie Scene"

Sing-jay I-Octane (born Byiome Muir) ascended to dancehall reggae's upper echelon in July 2010 with his performance at Jamaica's Reggae Sumfest. Now heavily in demand on the North American and European reggae circuits, I-Octane's fusion of hauntingly sung vocals with rapid-fire rhymes, as heard on hits including "Bloodstain" and "Lose a Friend," reaffirm dancehall's significance as a vehicle for compelling commentaries and praising Jah, despite its infamous vulgarities and gangster imagery.

I-Octane has digitally released his singles on various Jamaica-based labels and licensed tracks to dancehall compilations released by reggae independents Tad's Record and VP. Currently unsigned, he's considering offers regarding the intended October release of his debut album, "Crying to the Nation."

"I have invested heavily in the I-Octane brand, financing videos, publicity, even managing myself, so it's a great accomplishment reaching this far on my own," I-Octane says. "I won't sign a deal just to get an advance. Promotion is more important because it brings more shows, tours and a wider fan base." -Patricia Meschino

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