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NYC social media startup launches SoundStation, the world's first Facebook powered music network.{HeadLines}

NYC social media startup launches SoundStation, the world's first Facebook powered music network.

SoundStation offers Facebook users the ability to discover, download, and keep-up with new music that their friends like.

06.06.2011–     With the help of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud, SoundStation introduces the world to a whole new way of discovering music. The intuitive social music experience provided by SoundStation allows Facebook users to see and interact with music that has been downloaded or "liked" by their friends. All songs available on SoundStation can be streamed or downloaded for free to any desktop or Android powered device. The SoundStation iPhone app will support all standard features except song downloads. For now, iOS users will have to first download songs from SoundStation to a desktop before syncing to an iPhone or iTouch device.

"We are all about engaging users with increasingly relevant music content" says Shaun Newsum, CEO at SoundStation. "Everyone loves that feeling of hearing a really good song for the first time, SoundStation increases the odds of capturing that feeling by 1000%."

In addition to a consumer facing application, SoundStation offers music artists and blog owners efficient tools for leveraging social media to promote new content. Much like Facebook's "Like" button, the SoundStation MP3 Player and "Download" button lets a user share music content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks Download, "Like" or comments on a song, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to the publishers website or blog. SoundStation will offer a rich set of insightful analytics to help publishers observe and understand how socially distributed music increases the value of their songs and web properties. SoundStation is the only MP3 Player embed that offers compatibility on all mobile web browsers including iPhone, iTouch, iPad, & Android.

"We've built a necessary standard for distributing and promoting free music content on the web" says Sunil Wilkinson, COO at SoundStation. "We hope emerging artists begin to adopt SoundStation as part of their social media strategy and as a launching pad for new material."

About SoundStation
Founded in February 2011, SoundStation operates a Facebook powered music discovery service. It allows Facebook users to discover, download, and keep-up with music that their friends like. The company also provides music publishers with optimal tools for leveraging social media to promote new music. SoundStation is currently based in New York City and operates as a subsidiary of SoundLoud LLC.

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