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Capleton, who just last month was the artiste recognised by
THE STAR during its tribute series, is one of few deejays who have been
touring consistently since the early 1990s to present.

 been to the outposts of Jamaican music from its point of origin, he is
critical of the fusion sound being pushed by many younger deejays and

"At the end of the day, what is happening here, it
ain't happening certain place in the world. No one know it y'nuh,"
Capleton said.

"If the artistes wish to speak the truth, nuff time
 them go out there and nobody no see dem. And them deh pon stage a
perform an' the people nah feel dem, cause de people no know dem

With that muted response, Capleton is seeing a turnaround
 in the focus of several entertainers. "Right now mi can tell you every
artiste inna Jamaica a plan fe do one drop; every artiste, both singer
an' who a deejay. When dem go out dere dem realise what de people want
and what connect to the people and what the people gravitate to," he

The highlight of THE STAR Tribute Series was a
performance at Club Impulse last month. On the night, Capleton performed
 with Munga and Romain Virgo, the latter earning his praise for his
latest album.

"Romain ting take off out deh. The people them love
him. One drop music stand out predominant. This is the music that people
 can feel. The soul, the spirituality and the message," he said.

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