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American businessman Corey Todd has chosen to immediately dissolve his business partnership with Adidja Palmer a.k.a Vybz Kartel in the wake
of alleged threats made against Todd's life.

"I cannot be associated with or do business with someone I don't trust. Kartel and I haven't seen eye to eye in a while, and late last
week, after a disagreement, he threatened me on the phone because I "refused to tek chat". I don't take kindly to threats against me and
my family, and I have contacted my lawyers and the relevant authorities to deal with this issue immediately," Todd said.

"I am my own man, I have never worked for Vybz Kartel, I helped to
build his career, but I was never about the division in music, or his
need to pigeonhole everything as Gaza or not Gaza. I don't understand
the creative direction he's moving in with regards to his image or his
music. I don't know this new Vybz Kartel, I haven't known him for
quite a while. Enough is enough. I wish him the best with his career,"
Todd said.

Todd and Palmer started the Unlimited Daggering company three years
ago to manufacture, market and distribute Street Vybz Rum. The company
also employs several people at a St. Andrew-based factory. The two
also operate the Building nightclub in New Kingston.

Todd sought to reassure his workers that he would find employment for
them in his other business ventures if they are displaced.

'I am not keeping any events at the Building nightclub for the
foreseeable future, I am not doing anymore business with Vybz Kartel.
However, I will be doing another product soon, so I am moving forward
and I hope to work with other artistes to help build their careers as
well," he said.

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