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If there's one thing that Vibes Machine and Stats International selector Stunkus wishes would just go away very quickly from the dancehall, it's the culture known as 'money pull-up'.

"It a mash up the dance," Stunkus laments. "It just make the dance get boring," he added, his face contorted with anger.

Money pull-up, as the name implies, is the act of paying for a particular song to be awarded several 'pull-ups' (plays) once the selector drops it on the wheels of steel. It could be any song, by any artiste - no matter how silly the song and no matter how talentless the artiste.

Stunkus, whose real name isJoslyn Pyke, declared that while some songs deserve to be pulled up - money or no money - there are others that shouldn't even be played. However, at the end of the night, it all comes down to the money. Once the artiste and the production team around the song have some money to spend, they will keep on bringing money to the selector to play the tune again.

"Sometimes it's $500 and even up to a $1,000 - it all depends on who's doing the spending. Of course, it's a way for the selector to earn an extra dollar. And if the selector is greedy, he keeps on taking the money to play some badly produced tunes. And then the other people in the dance start to complain and sometimes even leave and go to another session," Stunkus explained.

Stunkus, while admitting that the chance to earn extra money via money pull-up can be a drawing card, says he still prefers to play at dances known as 'big people ting'.

"It better than the young people dance, better music, calmer people and the bar sell out and everybody go home feeling nice," Stunkus said.

His favourite sessions are the popular bar-based Round Robins, and he has been known to up the tempo quite a bit at these events.

"I have some very good mix tapes, and when I throw on the Boris Gardiner, the Beres, Freddie, D. Brown, Teddy P, Barry White and Luther Vandross, we have the place pumping," he declared.

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