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Garfene Gandison, Gleaner Writer

Since landing the role on 106 and Park five years ago, the New Orleans native has been on a joy ride given her stint at BET.

Although she is of Honduran and Chilean descent, this petite framed beauty has a deep interest in the Jamaican culture. When The Gleaner caught up with her, only a few hours after her arrival in the island she exclaimed, when questioned about Jamaica, "Jamaica has been wonderful. So happy to be here when there are other people in the States in the snow, so I'd much rather be here right now."

The beach and the people are what Rocsi desires to see the most. According to her, "the people of Jamaica have a real good sense of humour so I can't wait to experience that and most of all I can't wait to try the jerk."

The last time she visited Jamaica Rocsi was only 13 years old, but the city she says, has got so much bigger and a lot of the sites have changed. That last visit was to stay with her aunt who lived in Jamaica but who has since moved to another country.

Rocsi however, stated that she wished that her aunt stayed in Jamaica so that she could be here more often. Rocsi Diaz is that girl we see on BET's 106 and Park everyday. "Rocsi Diaz is exactly who you see on stage, she is fashion, she is fun," but the 27-year-old does admit to having her shy moments and there are times when she just wants to be left alone.

Not all glamor

The young host stated that her job is not as glamorous as it would seem. On a daily basis she would get into the studio by 9 a.m., for hair and makeup, meetings with the producers and research for the day's show. Getting ready for interviews and prepping for each guest is also an important aspect of her daily routine. "Two or three hours before the show is really our crunch time when we get ready to go on," she explained. At that point in time the duo of Terrence and Rocsi is transformed into the powerful and vibrant hosts that we have come to know and love.

A lover of dance, especially dancehall and Latin music, Rocsi admitted during the interview that she is a big lover of soca music too although, "not many people might know that," she whispered in hushed tones.

Currently Rocsi is working on her foundation called 'RockStars rebuild' where she helps to rebuild schools that were damaged in a natural disaster. She also hopes to start her own charter school soon and admitted that there's a lot going on for her as a philanthropist.

With her dreams of becoming a successful radio personality, Rocsi has charted a somewhat different course and ventured into television. How did that happen? "Well BET was looking for new personalities for the network and I went out and auditioned. It was an easy transition, I just did what I was doing behind the mic and brought it to television," she said.

Now the host of 106 and Park for five years, she hopes to someday venture into acting. She stated, "Acting is my passion but I'm just waiting for the right role. A dramatic role would more be my tendency", she emphasised.

Many rumours have been cast around about the relationship between her and fellow co-host Terrence, but when asked about their relationship status Rocsi explained, "We are great, We are like brother and sister. We fight, we get along, we are always together, and being that we came on at the same time, we kind of understand each other and as such we are just great."

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