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Jamaican Musicians Invited To Tokyo Academy {NEWS}

The very fact that Jamaican music has such a huge impact on Japan is reason enough for local music pioneers to want to attend the largest international workshop geared towards "exploring music beyond the beat".

Set to take place over two consecutive stagings, the Red Bull Music Academy is inviting applicants to its 2011 sitting in Tokyo, Japan, for stirring exchanges of ideas and concepts about the one and only synergistic element that the world has ever had - music.

The Red Bull Music Academy has circumnavigated the globe, with previous editions putting down roots in cities like Barcelona, Cape Town, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London and Melbourne.

This year the academy is in Tokyo.

There will be workshops and studio sessions from October 23 to November 25.


Application is open to producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and DJs who must download the application forms from to be completed and sent to the Academy HQ together with a music demo. The deadline for application is April 4.

The applications will be evaluated by an expert panel comprised of record label heads, journalists and members of the academy team who, after their deliberations, will select 60 individuals (divided into two groups of 30) to build a wide spectrum of musical styles and experience levels; from singer-songwriters to DIY synth designers, orchestral composers to digital beatmakers.

In Tokyo, the selected participants will have the opportunity to hear lectures from pioneering mavericks who paved the way, along with trailblazing sound rebels of the present; followed by late-night recording sessions putting that breadth of knowledge and inspiration into practice in custom-made studios. Then there's the chance to perform in some of the host city's most iconic clubs and concert halls.

Music makers who are keen to apply for the academy in Tokyo can find all the info they need on




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