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Could Craigy T be leaving veteran Dancehall group T.O.K? Craig “Craigy T” Thompson, who has been a member of the popular Dancehall quarter since the early 1990s has decided to no longer record with the group amidst a growing rift within the camp.

Craigy T sent out a Blackberry Broadcast Message on Monday announcing his intent to take time away from T.O.K. "After careful consideration I have decided to stop recording in studio with T.O.K. You may still hear songs with the four vocals in the future but studio and public appearances are becoming increasingly difficult for the four of us to be present. I do not expect everyone to understand,” Craigy T explained.

As for whether or not he will part ways with T.O.K entirely, Craigy intimated to the Jamaica STAR that he is unsure how this situation will play out but claims that there is a growing personal tension within the group. “I don't really want to say much right now, a lot of feelings are in the air .

There is a lot of change you might hear tracks without me and tracks by myself,” Craigy T said. Additionally, he claimed that he wants to find his bearings individually; suggesting that he’s being held back creatively within the group. "You’re working and feeling like the team you are doing work for is fighting against you than fighting with you. I like to stand out, I don't like fitting in, I always like to be different and this is just a long time in the making,” Craigy T claimed. Despite these issues, Craigy insists he will fulfill all performing obligations until the end of 2011.

T.O.K consists of Thompson as well as Roshaun 'Bay-C' Clarke, Alistaire 'Alex' McCalla & Xavier 'Flexx' Davidson. The group has produced several hits in their 15 years in the business including classics like “Gal You A Lead,” “Chi Chi Man,” “Footprints,” “Cree,” & “Eagles Cry.” Their most recent projects include music videos for their singles, “No Sah” & “God Pickney.” The latter music video was released earlier this month & featured Magnum Kings & Queens judge & RJR “Ruption” host, Ms. Kitty.

Source: Jodee Brown, Jamaican Pop Culture Examiner

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