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Soca Star Farmer Nappy Releases New Album - Big People Party - (@1FarmerNappy)


New York, NY (FOX FUSE) - Soca star Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry brings the spirit of Trinidad Carnival to the global masses with his new album Big People Party, available worldwide from all major digital retailers, as well as physical CD in stores, on February 25, 2014, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Celebrating over 30 years in music, the accomplished and acclaimed Trinidadian singer and songwriter delivers the very best that soca music has to offer with this new collection of hits on his third full-length studio effort.

Big People Party is the only album that is released internationally by an artist during Trinidad's Carnival 2014 season. Farmer also accomplished this major feat with his previous album, You Make Me…Surrender, released in February 2012 from FOX FUSE. That album received a coveted review and rating from MTV, garnering a tremendous 4 out of 5 stars. It was also featured in The New Yorker Magazine, along with numerous other international media, as well as in all the major news and entertainment outlets at home in Trinidad and Tobago.

"Following the success of my last album, I took the past two years to carefully create and craft this album, Big People Party, and concentrated greatly on the quality of the productions rather than the quantity of releases," reveals Farmer Nappy. "It is titled Big People Party because that is my favorite song on it but I made this album for everyone - the young and old, big or small - it is truly for everyone, with lyrics and rhythms to match. We truly invested in the quality of the music and I'm very proud to be able to again represent and carry soca music outside of its carnival circles and bring it to the worldwide audience, with this internationally-released album."Soca Star Farmer Nappy Releases New Album - Big People Party - @1FarmerNappy @FoxFuse

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